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This Piece is called “Collide”

* (Frames do not ship with glass).

Archival Quality Stretched Canvas Print, 1 inch border
This is a high quality stretched print on a durable, nicely textured ‘canvas’ material. The borders add 1 inch of thickness from back to front. Its coated with an archival ink fixative.
Canvas Prints come ready to hang on your walls.

Standalone Fine Art Prints - Archival Quality

This is an option for people that want an archival quality fine art print and they want to decide on their own how to display it.  Prints are available on 2 types of paper media: Matte Paper or Water Color.

Black Frame, Floating Mount - Water Color Paper

The print has a ‘floating mount’ which means it appears as if its hovering off of the background (about ,25 of an inch approximately). It is given between 4 to 6 inches of breathing room on all sides.  It simply looks exquisite inside of a black frame.
These are printed on Water color Paper (Excellent fidelity and texture).

For the purpose of shipping these easier and with less potential damage,
I will be unable to provide the glass for the frame. Other than that, the framed piece will arrive, ready to be hung.

Archival Matte Prints:
Canvas Streched Prints:
Black Frame, Floating Matte: